Kimberly, (Commonly known as Luna Artemis) was the goddess of the Moon, Hunt, and Wilderness. Her sister is Rey, goddess of Scavengers and Sun.

Growing Up Edit

Kim was a Scavenger on Jakku, just like her sister, Rey. The two were close, and after their parents left them, they "took care of each other".

The Gods Edit

Kim was always known for taking care of animals, and Gabrielle herself told her friends that Kim was like a female Newt Scamander:

"Gabrielle opened the book to a page. There was a woman with shades of dark blue hair with a confident smile. 'That's Luna Artemis, Goddess of the Moon, Hunt, and Wilderness.' She said. 'She's like the female version of my dad.'"

One day, Kim and her sister decided to escape Jakku. Stealing a First Order cabin ship, stormtroopers shot at them. In came a Rilakuma bear, with a white mane and rabbit ears. It was long like a weasel. Rey called it a "Webunrila."

Soon after, the girls learned they were gods.

Legends Edit

The ancient Megonatans believed that the stars were Lily's wolves, and the moon was Lily's head wolf, Aliky (Ah-lee-kai) she would run with, as they continued their journey in the night (they were called Star wolves sometimes). The Megonatans also believed Rey owned a chariot (which was the sun) and the clouds were soldiers of the Dark One (Aka The Dark Soldiers). They were gray clouds when they completely taken over the sun. But, when the sun shows, it means that Rey and her Phoenix are defeating them and turning them good and into white clouds. Rey would then rest and then let her sister and her wolves take over.

Death Edit

It last came that the prophecy said that out of the two sisters, one of them would die giving their life to the dark one. Lily, knowing this, made a potion that would take her immortality away. After confronting the Dark One, Lily sacrificed herself. But because she wasn't immortal, the Dark One died. The Dark Soldiers were furious, and attacked more. But Rey wept as she fought for the Gods' Headquarters, and in memory of her sister. Aliky, upset about her master's death, became darker and darker, and ended up not showing in the sky (Full moon, crescent moon, no moon). The wolves on the earth asked the star wolves why Aliky was not present. They responded that the Wilderness Goddess had died, saving their lives. The star and earth wolves begged Aliky to come back. Aliky was fully shown, but sadly told them she would only show her full self once a month. When there was no moon, she cried with Rey, in grief (Because the sun blocks the moon (My creativity is better then I though. :P). When there was a crescent moon, she would check on the earth and star wolves. And in her full self, the earth wolves would cry to her.

Honor Edit

Legend has that Rey requested the Megonatans to hold a festival for her sister. They agreed. They called it the Lunar Wilderness Festival.Food and music was everywhere, and they would sell dogs (because wolves were far too dangerous). The festival always appeared on a full moon, and the Megonatans would howl with the wolves. Gabrielle mentioned to Mabel about going to the festival with her family.

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