"Well, I'm pretty sure my sister hated that I was 20 years younger than her."

~Gabrielle, to Newt and Porpentina

Gabrielle Thalia Scamander-Delacour was a french wizard who was born in England. Her father, in rage of having another daughter and instead of a son, left her.

After Gabrielle being a year old, her mother got dragon pox and died shortly. She moved in with her sister, Fleur. Fleur, enraged she was stuck with her younger sister, flung herself off a cliff. Gabrielle was then spotted by a wizard, and was brought to a muggle orphanage. Often times, she would sneak out into the orphanage library to teach herself muggle education.

When she was 4 years old, news spread to the orphans that a couple (Tina and Newt Scamander) was looking for a child. When the orphanage headmaster showed them the children's quarters, every student except for Gabrielle, stood up and greeted them. Tina and Newt then chose Gabrielle, the reason today is still unknown.

Gabrielle begged her father to come down to his suitcase and see his creatures, and even held on to his leg. But, on her 7th birthday, Newt let her down to see the creatures.

Gabrielle was sorted into the Gryffindor house, and became good friends with Lily Luna Potter.

During the summer, her father decided to move into a small town in Oregon called Gravity Falls, because he wanted to figure out the legends there.


Meeting the Pines Twins

Gabby's parents allowed her to walk around, and Gabrielle decided to go into the forrest, near the Mystery Shack. There, she met Dipper and Mabel. Dipper found out she was a witch soon after. The three met Stella Laufeyson, the adopted daughter of Rose Laufeyson. The four became a group of friends.

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